DV Engineering Toolmakers

Press tools, plastic tools, soft tooling, jigs, fixtures and gauge manufacturing is our specialty from simple blank dies or production line gauges through to more complex progression dies we have the necessary experience and ability to ensure a quality product is produced every time.

DV Engineering's modern spacious toolroom has been laid out with a flow through design to ensure efficiency is maintained.

Our machining capabilities are continually expanding and updating to ensure that we can keep up with production requirements. With most jobs passing through the CNC department a quality job with the important aspect of repeatability in the future can be assured.

The versatility of our tool making services guarantees that we can custom engineer to the requirements of you project. Our tool and die makers are experts in machining to specification, which is why Metal Form Group are the preferred machinists for all tool making services.

More About Our Toolmaking Facilities

In-House Tool Room

DV Engineering features an in-house, full-service tool room to design, build and maintain all of your tooling.

Progressive Dies

Our die designers assist customers with suggestions for improved manufacturability and cost effectiveness during production. Customers electronically transfer print files to us. All die designs are produced on CAD. The geometry produced on our designs is utilized throughout our fully-networked CAD/CAM environment for producing the dies, saving you time and money. We have full 2D and 3D design capabilities.

Repair Of All Types Of Stamping Dies

DV Engineering stock tool steel so that we are prepared to begin die repairs immediately, without time-consuming waits for supplies. We offer reverse engineering, as well as complete in-house services, including TIG welding and heat treating.

No matter what your tool making requirements are DV Engineering can be called upon to provide your solution.