Steel Fabrication Services In Gauteng

We can service all of your steel fabrication and general fabrication needs - whether it be mild, galvanized, stainless steel or aluminium. Our high skill level and experience in many facets of the industry enables us to produce all of your fabrication work so that you can use one supplier and save time and money by not having to go from place to place.

We provide a high-quality steel fabrication service in profile cutting, forming, and assembly - including both Mig and Tig welding.

To streamline our processes, we have installed state of the art machinery that enables us to design and store your jobs on our data base and ensures that we are able to supply a consistent and repeatable high standard of work for your every need – with minimum turnaround time

Area of Expertise

General sheet steel fabrications and metal fabrications

Stainless steel and aluminium fabrication

Plinth frames – available as fully assembled or simple self-assembly / modular format

Heavy gauge flanged duct – up to 10 mm

Sub duct manufacture Silencers

Condenser and cooling tower discharge

Mounting frames and brackets

Roof cowls

Stainless steel hoods

Site boxes

Centre lifters

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CNC Machining
Metal & Steel Fabrication
Fitting & Turning

Metal Pressing

Resistance Welding

Tool Making