Shortly after our establishment in 1993 DV Engineering & Production Services cc earned early renown for the manufacturing of the AfroxPac 35 SCSR's, a body worn self-contained breathing apparatus extensively used in the local mining industry and also exported to Europe and America.

Over the 20 years of our existence we have diversified our capabilities that enabled us to offer our clients a variety of services that includes:

Design & development of general engineering, machining & tool making products
Industrialization of components
Tools & dies for metal pressings
Repairs to tools & dies

Our Production Capabilities:
Metal Pressings
CNC Machining
Production and general engineering
Spark eroding
Light Fabrication
Zink, Tin Plating, to mention but a few

Metal Pressing

What Is Metal Pressings:
DV Engineering uses a metal pressing process that uses dies to transform flat metal sheets into precise shapes. This process is used for producing irregular shaped parts in high volumes, the metal sheets can also be formed into shapes for industrial components or domestic applications like pots and pans. Our, eccentric and hydraulic presses, punch, cut and shape metal sheets to create three-dimensional shapes. A flat sheet of metal is inserted into a die and then the press is activated to imprint the shape into the metal and create the object.

Why Use Metal Pressing:
Metal pressing has been replacing other means of manufacturing intricate forms of components with the advantage of production costs.
Metal pressings are used in a variety of industries because parts can be turned out at a very high rate which is also good for overall production times and costs.

CNC Machining

What Is CNC Machining:
During the early times, hand-operated tools were used to create prototypes. Today we have Computerised Numerical Control (CNC) machining to produce a wide range of precisely machined components. DV engineering's CNC machining can be in the form of mills, drill presses, lathes, etc. These machines are computer-controlled to ensure that every motion is precise and in accordance to the appropriate axes and plains. In prototyping accuracy is important and we at DV Engineering ensure that components are manufactured precisely to your specifications.

Advantages of CNC Machining:
  • Precision: Our trained technicians will ensure that machines are programmed correctly. As a result products are manufactured with 100% accuracy. Furthermore, we can manufacture multiple items to the exact same specifications, hundreds or even thousands of times.
  • Time: We are able to significantly reduce the amount of time it takes to manufacture items using our CNC machining process. CNC machines can run 24/7 and can operate for days, weeks or months at a time.

CNC Machining
Metal & Steel Fabrication
Fitting & Turning

Metal Pressing

Resistance Welding

Tool Making